Friday, April 24, 2009

Today in Mena, April 24th

Billy Graham Ministries will be conducting two school assemblies today for the Mena Middle School children and faculty that are displaced. Seven Chaplains will conduct an 8:30 a.m. assembly at Dallas Ave Baptist Church for the MMS 6th graders and eight will travel to Hatfield for a 1:30 p.m. assembly for the 7th and 8th grade students. They will be ministering to the children and helping them with any needs or fears they may be experiencing during this displacement.
Americorps St. Louis located at the Ouachita Baptist Association (across from Rich Mt. Community College) reported that 50-60 volunteers have already registered to help volunteer for this weekend and they anticipate that number to rise. Last Saturday 230 volunteers signed up to do volunteer work.

If you would like to volunteer please call Americorps at 479-394-3534 or sign up at the Command Center in the Aalfs parking lot on Highway 71S.

Mena Fire Chief, John Puckett advised that vegetation, lumber, shingles, and metal should all be sorted on the curb for pick up. There has been a problem with individuals piling everything together; this is making a bigger mess and harder to clean up. PLEASE sort all items into piles.

The following people may still have rent houses:
Terry Lunsford 394-2568
Allen Stewart 394-1731
Don Craig 394-3824
Dawn Lea/Sheila Bush 216-4675

Americorps St. Louis is aiding in the efforts of establishing a place for people to take items they have found and also for those looking for items that were displaced during the tornado. If you have lost or found any items you can call 479-394-3534 or go by the Ouachita Baptist Association located across from Rich Mt. Community College and they will help you with whatever your need may be. We will be posting the items found as they come in so please check the blog regularly as we keep it updated.

FOUND- what looks to be part of an old family bible or funeral memorial turned in by the parks department, it was found at Janssen Park. It is in memory of Fred D. McClellan Born September 28, 1880 deceased October 10, 1946.


Mena Mayor, George McKee spoke with Channel 5 news "We've already had more than 4,000 truck loads of vegetation hauled out of the city," said Mayor George McKee Thursday.

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