Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today in Mena, April 23

Pastor Ron Tilley of The First Assembly Of God Church in Mena has been the center of many of the local tornado recovery efforts for more than a week. Pastor Tilley told KENA news the outpouring of support for the community has been overwhelming. Listen to his report here.
Listen to Sheriff Mike Oglesby speak to KENA about the Temporary Police Offices at Polk County Courthouse here.
Polk County Judge Ray B. Stanley reports initial damages for the damage done by the tornado is $10.7 MILLION. Listen as he describes damage done outside the city limits and his hope that FEMA will become involved here.
Andrea Kuwik from Americorps reported that so far there have been 1,517 volunteers with 7,947.5 hours donated to the clean up and restoration of the city of Mena and our surrounding area. There are still a couple of organizations who haven't reported so these numbers aren't completely accurate... they will continue to grow. THANK YOU to all of the volunteers!

Remember the BBQ Brisket Dinner tonight hosted by 1st National Bank & Union Bank of Mena at First Baptist Church for those affected by the recent tornado and for those volunteers who have worked in the recovery efforts. Come and eat from 5:30- 7:30 tonight!
Message from Patti Oates from Vision Realty...

Since our building was so badly damaged, a lot of people do not realize that we are open for business in the same location at 500 Mena Street. We are awaiting our insurance company’s go ahead before we begin restoration. The architectural engineer will have to draw plans for the new roof that will be placed on the building.

We also want to thank everyone that helped us during this disaster.

Mrs. Oates is also missing two checks with invoices attached that were blown away in the storm. If anyone finds them please call Vision Realty at 479-394-1111.

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