Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Americorps St. Louis

Americorps St. Louis have been in our area to help lead the disaster relief organization and to register and facilitate volunteers. They are headquartered at the Ouachita Baptist Association office across from RMCC. Their Disaster Relief Hotline number is 394-3534.

Americorps currently has a staff of 21 people here to assist in our recovery efforts. They have attempted to contact every family/home that has been affected by the storm. It is their desire to see what assistance is needed for each home.

If you or someone you know was affected by the tornado and needs any type of assistance (debris removal, cleanup, financial (non-insured), etc) and you have NOT filled out a work order/release form for Americorps please call 394-3534 as soon as possible.

Americorps will assign volunteers to "work orders" as they come. Individual volunteers are asked to check-in/register at the Command Center located at Aalfs on Highway 71S across from Country Express.

If you have a large group of volunteers coming please call 479-394-3534 so they can help facilitate your group.

Americorps plans to continue to assist our community's relief efforts until a long term recovery plan is in place.

For more information about Americorps St. Louis please visit their website.

If you see any of these young people in town please show them your appreciation!

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